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Bengal Cats


Mid-Atlantic Bengals

Owners Kristi and Curtis HiIdebrand

Baltimore/DC/Northern VA

Call: 240-818-2482 Between 9 am-9 pm EST


Bengal Kittens
Bengal Kittens
Ozzy the Stud

Ozzy the Stud

We are a small in-home Exotic Leopard Bengal Cattery where all of our Kings, Queens, and Bengal kittens live with us in our home and an adorable Amish made cottage on our property. I worked as a Registered Nurse for over 24 years in the DC metro area and decided to stay home with these beautiful lap leopards back in 2015. My spouse helps me keep things rolling with the harder things until someday he will retire with this lovely breed of cats as well. Our business is located in the foothills on the east coast next to the beautiful rolling Catoctin Mountains by the Cunningham Falls right off the main highway thru of Route 15. Our home is situated on a few acres giving our cats plenty of room to have peace and tranquility. Our main focus is to stay small and care for our Bengals with the utmost amount of love and affection.

At Mid-Atlantic Bengal Cattery we have some of the finest lines you will find in a Bengal Cat. We have imported some of our top Breeding cats from around the world. Once here with us, they are all tested to make sure they do not carry any form of genetic defect that can be passed down to their kittens. We also test all of our adult Bengals for HCM, which is a heart defect. We have beautiful, exotic Bengal Cats and Kittens for sale.  We specialize in the Clouded Rosette pattern with a beautiful golden brown color.  We take pride in breeding the best of the best!

All of our kittens are well socialized and tamed. They are raised in our home with our dog, a Toyger, other adult Bengals, and all the other daily day to day activities that go on non-stop. Each kitten is picked up and loved on every day to begin their transitioning training to go home. Our kittens are never caged! We are currently feeding a raw diet with Hills kitten dry food. The kittens are started on a raw diet to give them the best start in life! 

Bengals tend to be the most hypoallergenic cat which makes them an ideal pet for the allergy sufferer. We have kittens for sale all year long. If you're looking for a Bengal Cat or Kitten we encourage you to call and make an appointment to come and visit our cattery. If you want the best Exotic looking kitten with an incredible personality then look no further! We welcome visitors to come and visit our kittens anytime.  We only ask for minimal notice so we can make sure we set enough time aside to give our undivided attention to you and your family!! 


We aim to give you the healthiest, well socialized, and most beautiful Bengal we can! We pour our hearts into breeding the perfect Bengal for your family! Along with the beauty, we ensured that the health of our male and female breeders are as perfect as we could possibly get them. They are tested for PRA, PKDef, feline leukemia, and feline aids prior to breeding. We are pleased to say that none of our breeders carry any illness. Our breeders are also free of heart murmurs and produce very healthy kittens! Through our breeding journey, we learned that we wanted to give everyone exactly what we would want in return from other breeders...the perfect Bengal!

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